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Nooks, crannies, corners and cobwebs.

We are overwhelmed but thankful for the amount of requests coming in.  At this time (7/25/17) we are not able to accommodate any additional move-out cleanings.  Please email to be added to our waiting list for reoccurring clients.  Humbly and sincerely,

In-Depth Cleaning Inc. Team




You have found the key to your clean home or office.



SWaM Certified

Gift Certificates Are Available!

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Handy Tips

-Cedar blocks in your closets will freshen them and prevent moths.

-Floor mats at every entrance will reduce tracked dirt.

-Leaving Baking Soda sprinkled on your carpets for an hour before you vacuum will absorb musty smells and odors.

Declutter Your Room

Relax more, sleep better.

After a long day, having a place that you can come to after a long day that is organized and free of distractions can help you decompress from many of the days stresses. Read more here.


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