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A Residential and Commercial Cleaning Corporation: the key to your professionally cleaned space!

1531B North Main Street

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Office Hours: By appointment


Your Satisfaction Helps Our Business Grow!

Cleaning Your Home or Business IS This Easy:

  1. See our complete checklist under the Services tab to get an idea of the cleaning tasks available. View the What to Expect tab and get an idea of what you are looking for.
  2. Call or email to schedule a consult.
  3. Take advantage of this cleaning special offer (Great for Gift Certificates!):

**$180 For a Day of Deep Cleaning!


*Will provide all supplies, equipment and references.

**For time required over 6 hours a rate of $30 per hour, per employee, will be applied. *Supplies and equipment will be included with the exception of specialty items/products.

Commercial Rates

For offices, events, facilities, remodeling or new construction: Contact by phone or email to discuss commercial pricing: Sq. ft. / hourly, to be billed in your favor. Just schedule an estimate!

Residential rates based on hourly total: Schedule an estimate!

Sometimes, consults will be performed weeks in advance for homes, which adds to the difficulty in gauging the duration of a cleaning. We give estimates but we only bill for the time that it takes.

Many tedious items are cleaned during the Deep Clean (ie.: dish drainer, coffee pot, cabinet doors, switch plates, wiping some baseboards), all of which take additional time. For a Deep Clean, an hourly rate is charged. In addition, the first Maintenance Cleaning will be an estimate based an hourly rate to ensure the time intervals between cleanings will match the time spent for each cleaning. Thereafter, a flat rate will be agreed upon for regular Maintenance Cleanings.

We invite you to feel comfortable being present during your cleaning to be "Wowed" by our professionalism and great, hard work!

Initial Home Cleanings (Deep Cleaning): First-time house cleanings can take 4-10+ hours to clean depending on the size and how much work is involved. This gives us the opportunity to do a Deep Clean of your home.

* The cleaning service rates below are simply base/starting rates to give you an idea of prices. The rate to clean your home will depend on the square footage of your home, the amount of scrubbing involved and the amount of time between cleaning intervals.

Initial Home Cleanings usually start at $120.00 for small homes or apartments (close to 1000 sq.ft. or under). For large homes the initial, thorough cleaning rate will be higher and often require more than one person.

One-time, Thorough House Cleanings: Starting at $120.00 (small homes & apartments).

Maintenance House Cleaning: Starting at $60.00 per cleaning (small homes & apartments).

"Brush-up": Ranges between $30-90, it usually cuts a maintenance cleaning in half.

Move-in/Move-out Cleans: Starting at $180.00 (includes the add-on services below and often cabinets and closet shelves). Square foot rate will be applied according to the amount of scrubbing required.

Add-on (to Maintenance Clean) Services:

Refrigerator/freezer cleaning $35.00

Ovens $35.00

Windows typically $5.00 per window, per side

Photo courtesy of The Body Active.

Call: 540-230-8545

Email preferred:

[email protected]

Another new construction.

Large facility clean-out.


For availability: email.

Handy Tips

-Cedar blocks in your closets will freshen them and prevent moths.

-Floor mats at every entrance will reduce tracked dirt.

-Leaving Baking Soda sprinkled on your carpets for an hour before you vacuum will absorb musty smells and odors.

Declutter Your Room

Relax more, sleep better.

After a long day, having a place that you can come to after a long day that is organized and free of distractions can help you decompress from many of the days stresses. Read more here.


[email protected]

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