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A Residential and Commercial Cleaning Corporation: the key to your professionally cleaned space!

1531B North Main Street

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Office Hours: By appointment

What to Expect & About Us

Complete, Quality Cleaning.

Call or email for a free consult.

Licensed and insured.

Photo courtesy of New City

Much of our business comes from referrals because of the great job we do. We take pride in working so hard to provide a superior service and the attentive clean that is so hard to find.

FACT: Your home is either clean or it isn't. We do not overlook dirt, we clean it. See the Cleaning Services tab and notice in your home if those items/tasks listed are clean or not. If regular cleanings are not performed in your home, dirt/dust builds up, takes more time to remove and causes what one customer calls "houseotosis" (the smell your home gets from left over and hidden away dust). By cleaning all of the dust collecting items in your home often, they can be cleaned more quickly and easily, avoiding the grey, dust build-up that will occur (I've seen it and cleaned it, time and time again for new clients).

Helpful Tip: The best way to prepare for your cleaner is to straighten up as much as possible, picking up clothes, toys and such. That way we can focus our efforts on cleaning up dust and any grime, not putting things in their places. You can even set out some type of bins or totes in which we can place your things so they can be sorted through later. This of course, does take more time. 


A first-time client consult will be conducted to develop a cleaning plan to get an idea of what needs to be cleaned and what products will be used. Communication is key to a healthy cleaning relationship! I encourage you to communicate your main goals and concerns in cleaning your home or office. During the consult I try to ask questions that will help me to learn what will make you the most satisfied with your cleaning so our team will be well prepared and able to immediately begin working upon arrival. Thereafter, if something specific was not mentioned in the consult (there is much to cleaning a home or office) and addressed, just communicate it for future cleanings


Supplies and equipment are included with the exception of specialty items/products. As a concern for my own health and employees, many of the products we use are biodegradable and high quality. During the consult, product use is discussed and can be altered according to your preference. If you prefer to have your cleaning products and tools used, much of our service is customizable and we would be happy to (though product choice is usually based on effectiveness, factoring in time, high-end results and our health).

By using a high quality, HEPA filter vacuum that can easily be cleaned after each use, we can focus our efforts on cleaning the entire floor surface area without worrying about debris being recirculated and not being picked up. We are glad to use yours if it is equally effective. We have several attachments and methods that help us to reach all areas that are accessible without moving heavy furniture. 

Organizational Tools

As a growing business focused on the balance of both employee and client satisfaction, we are continuing to expand and tweak our organizational pieces while trying to utilize the most sustainable practices. Our new work order system and advance notification systems have been established to track our time to ensure fair billing and regularly communicate with our clients. Our goal is to streamline these processes to increase transparency and help our clients make better informed budget and cleaning task decisions.


Our newest cleaning category, a "brush-up" is for existing clients to have a light cleaning on the off week(s). This includes cleaning kitchen counters without moving everything, cleaning the stove (without taking apart any grates or removing eyes, spot cleaning appliances in general, dusting only flat surfaces, cleaning main facilities in main restrooms and vacuuming only main areas/rooms that are frequently/regularly used. The "brush-up" can also be customized. Typical for many of our regular clients, we only clean the floors and restrooms on the "off weeks", in an effort to regularly maintain a clean, comfortable and healthy living space.

Maintenance Clean

The maintenance clean keeps grime from building up and dust from sticking. It is highly recommended on a regular schedule and keeps cost down while maintaining a generally much more pleasant environment all the time. This cleaning includes: top-to-bottom dusting (blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, picture frames and decorative items, furniture, trim, etc.), removing cobwebs, cleaning and polishing the outside of appliances (also the inside of microwaves), spot cleaning cabinets, cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces, vacuuming all floors possible and cleaning all of the hard floors. Several Deep Clean tasks are performed, as needed (usually wiping bathroom trim and noticeable spots in the kitchen or other areas), during regular Maintenance Cleanings, as time allows. We make great efforts to stay focused and on task to maximize our organization and productivity.

Deep Clean

The deep clean is a thorough, proper cleaning from top-to-bottom. It includes the maintenance cleaning tasks but also wiping "trim": wiping down baseboards/chair rail, doors with inlays, frames, reachable fixtures, spot cleaning walls, frames, doors, switch-plates, furniture (wiping down chairs & vacuuming as needed). The Deep Clean is recommended in regular, though less frequent intervals too.


Cleaning experience ranges, including: vacation rentals, move-in/out cleans, maintenance cleans for long-time, reoccurring clients (including many referrals and gift certificates), office cleaning (from dental and medical to construction company offices), event clean-up, disaster relief RV final clean-up, home renovation clean-up, and new construction final clean-up and other special projects like packing/ unpacking, sorting, building clean-out, Air BnB's, multiple types of turnovers, insurance claims, state facilities, plenty more.

As a teenager I began cleaning for a property management company at Smith Mountain Lake. Cleaning mostly vacation rentals, I learned what to look for and how to effectively manage my time. Since 2010, I began cleaning houses part-time while working on a sales career. After more and more encouraging results and requests, I transitioned into cleaning full-time. Due to continued requests for cleaning services and continuing to meet people interested in employment opportunities, I took the next step and incorporated my business. We are now able to accommodate residential as well as commercial and government facilities!

Many clients that I began cleaning for as an individual are still my clients today. The knowledge I have gained from years of experience has cultivated effective techniques, great products and efficiency: a professionalism that I teach to the incredible people that clean with me. This is what sets In-Depth Cleaning Inc. apart.

In-Depth Cleaning Inc. serves many individuals that are unable to care for their own homes due to various reasons. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the professionalism and character of this company, practicing utmost discretion as a matter of respect for you. This understanding comes from years of cleaning for many people, in many homes and offices. Cleaning is often of a very personal nature. I would like to assure you that we all have the same basic needs and desires for privacy and cleanliness and In-Depth Cleaning Inc. works hard to uphold these principles.

All employees are experienced and trained, working with seasoned members until they meet the standards of the quality checklist. The starting pay for each employee is well above minimum wage. In-Depth Cleaning Inc. offers flexible schedules and any time off requested in advance. All work is offered as an opportunity for each employee to gain hours, not required by the company. In-Depth Cleaning Inc. strives to make sure that each employee wants to work for the company because the work itself is hard, repetitive and strenuous, though we do teach the best methods of cleaning to maintain bodily care. We believe that if we are flexible and work with our staff, all employees work with In-Depth Cleaning Inc. to achieve mutual goals of growth and opportunity. All employees are background checked with three professional references.

I try to be very descriptive on our website to communicate the high quality and very hard work our company will perform to meet the needs of those who are looking for a superior service. That is what makes a professional house cleaning gift certificate a fantastic gift for anyone. Having your home cleaned is a wonderful experience. Truly, having someone work so hard on your home is a gift. If you have never had your home cleaned, treat yourself. Ask for it for a special occasion. Purchase a gift certificate. Cheer someone up with it. Additionally, you will help to grow a local business and support local, hard working families that can be proud to work in this trade.

I appreciate your interest and consideration!


Morgan Moatz, President of In-Depth Cleaning Inc.

  • 18 years experience, cleaning professionally
  • Pleasant and well organized
  • Customer service and detail oriented
  • Determined and very hard working
  • Experience training and managing
  • Results driven
  • Blessed and thankful!

Be sure to look at the Cleaning Services, What to Expect and Rates tabs too!


All website photos are from actual clients' homes and offices.

In-Depth Cleaning Inc. office on North Main Street: Before and After, refinished floors (though we had 18 replaced floor tiles too)


For availability: email.

Handy Tips

-Cedar blocks in your closets will freshen them and prevent moths.

-Floor mats at every entrance will reduce tracked dirt.

-Leaving Baking Soda sprinkled on your carpets for an hour before you vacuum will absorb musty smells and odors.

Declutter Your Room

Relax more, sleep better.

After a long day, having a place that you can come to after a long day that is organized and free of distractions can help you decompress from many of the days stresses. Read more here.


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